I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Ethics Research Institute at the Department of Philosophy and affiliated with the University Research Priority Programme Global Change and Biodiversity of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. In 2018 I received my PhD in political theory from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

In my research I have been focusing, on the one hand, on different themes in environmental ethics such as biocentric perspectives on moral standing and concepts such as natural otherness and biodiversity. On the other hand, I also have an interest in green political theory, such as questions of interspecies and environmental justice and what this implies for sustainability and just conservation.

My current project: see projects page

Postdoc at the Department of Philosophy, University of Zurich – Previously: Keele University, University of Manchester

Associate Editor for Environmental Values

Member of the ISEE Nominating Committee

Research interests:

  • Environmental ethics
    • The moral standing of non-human beings, particularly biocentrism and ‘problem-cases’ such as insects and microbes
    • Conceptual questions about biodiversity, natural otherness, etc.
    • The ethics of biodiversity conservation and species extinctions
    • Land-use, new technological developments (gene drives, de-extinction), etc.
  • Environmental political theory
    • Environmental & interspecies justice
    • Just distribution of ecological space, reparative justice, political participation and representation
    • Responsibility
    • Property rights

Topics of current work-in-progress:

  • New moral arguments for the protection of biodiversity, with Anna Deplazes Zemp
  • Extinctions and reparatory interspecies justice, with Alfonso Donoso
  • Normative and conceptual aspects of nature conservation projects, with Linnea Luuppala and Anna Deplazes Zemp
  • Interspecies justice and burden sharing


  • 2018: PhD in Politics, University of Manchester (see projects page)
  • 2015: Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, Keele University
  • 2014: MSc Global Governance and Ethics, University College London
  • 2013: BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Essex
  • 2009: German High School Diploma, Gymnasium Bethel in Bielefeld

Teaching experience:

  • Philosophy
    • Environmental Ethics
    • Bioethics
    • Political Theory
    • MAS-thesis supervision (varied topics in applied moral philosophy)
  • Environmental Politics