2022-2023Project as principal investigator entitled “Just Anthropocene” situated at the Department of Philosophy and funded by the Forschungskredit Postdoc, University of Zurich

  • This project examines questions about collective responsibility for enacting reparative interspecies justice regarding species extinctions and investigates considerations of just burden-sharing concerning the implementation of interspecies justice.

2021-2022: Project entitled “When is (bio)diversity good/valuable?” with Norman Backhaus, Anna Deplazes-Zemp and Mollie Chapman, funded by the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity of the University of Zurich

  • This project investigated from a philosophical as well as a social-scientific perspective the value of biodiversity. The normative question that I was particularly concerned with: What (if any) moral reasons based on the notion of natural otherness speak in favour of protecting (bio)diversity?

2019-2021: Project employment on the project “Peoples’ Place in Nature“, PI: Anna Deplazes-Zemp, also with Mollie Chapman, funded by the URPP Global Change and Biodiversity and the NOMIS Foundation and situated at the Department of Philosophy, University of Zurich

  • This project investigates different aspects of the human-nature relationship. As part of this focus on relationality, I developed as my own sub-project a particular understanding of natural otherness with regard to theorising the moral standing of non-human beings.

2014-2018: PhD Project entitled “Just Footprints: distributing ecological space across species and place” funded by studentships awarded by the School of Politics, International Relations and the Environment (Keele University) and the Sustainable Consumption Institute (University of Manchester). The project was situated at Keele University at first and then at the Politics Department (MANCEPT) and the SCI of the University of Manchester.

  • Supervision: Dr Sherilyn MacGregor & Prof. John O’Neill
  • Developing a biocentric account of distributive justice to non-human beings – also known as ecological or interspecies justice.